Schweden im 11. Jahrhundert - Studie zu Historia Hammaburgensis ecclesiae (German Edition)

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Zee en Landreizen etc. Deel 7. Nispen, Amsterdam A German translation appeared in Hieron. Gronlands historiske Mindesmaerker. Thoroddsen : Land- fraedissaga Islands. Jdnsson, Amgrimur. Hamburgi Epistola pro patria defensiora, scripta ad Davidem Fabritium. Thrap , D. Til Hans Egedes Historic. In Historisk Tidsskrift. Kristiania A defender of Blefken! Blind, Karl. The forerunners of Columbus. In The New Review. London Sept. Boston Nov. Boggild, F. In The Historical Magazine. Boty, Iver. Bourinot, J. The voyages of the Northmen. Section II.

Montreal Fortegnelse over de ved D. Bruun i Nordbo- ruinerne fremgravede Oldsager. Bruun' s Arkseologiske Undersogelser i Julianehaabs Distrikt. Whereabouts of Vineland. In Canadian Magazine. Toronto Bradley, C. Om en Indskriftsten i Kent i Connecticut. Meddelt i et Brev til C. In Antiquarisk Tidsskrift. Brady, Cyrus Townsend. One thousand years of American history. Brasseur de Bourbourg, Charles Etienne. BreiSfjorB, SigurBur. Frd Graenlandi. Kaupmannahofn Contains a description of Old-Norse ruins. Brenner, Oscar. Gronland im Mittelalter nach einer altnorwegi- schen Quelle.

In Jahresbericht des Geographischen Gesell- schaft in Miinchen fur Miinchen Bring Lagerbring , Sven, presses. See Stenbeck, J. Brinton, Daniel Garrison. On the position of Huitramannaland. Brittain, Alfred. The History of North America. Volume I. Discovery and exploration. Philadelphia With remarks, introductory and conclusive. Newport Brown, Marie A. See Shipley, Mrs. Bruun, Daniel.

Den arkaeologiske Expedition til Julianehaabs Distrikt En forelobig Meddelelse. Saertryk af 0 Geografisk Tidsskrift. Kjoben- havn Arkaeologiske Undersogelser i Julianehaabs Distrikt. Includes : Undersogelse af Ruiner ved Agdluitsok-Fjord m. Bruun i Nordboruineme fremgravede Oldsager, ved Vilhelm Boye, pp.

Faeroerne, Island og Gronland paa Verdensudstillingen i Paris For Runic inscriptions from Greenland, see pp. Det hoje Nord. Faeroernes, Islands og Gronlands Udforskning. Studier af Nordboernes Kulturliv. See : Hesten paa Gronland, pp.

Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

In Geografisk Tidskrift udg. De gamle Nordbokolonier i Gronland. Bind, 5 Hefte. Braun, Malte Conrad. Precis de la g6ographie universelle, ou description de toutes les parties du monde. Tome premier. Bryant, William Cullen and S. A popular history of the United States from the first discovery of the western hemisphere by the Northmen, to the end of the first century of the union of the States. Concerning the Zeni see pp.

Brynjtilfsson, Gisli,yV. Have de gamle Nordboer havt Kjendskab til et aabent Polarhav mod Nord? Foredrag i det kgl. Saertryk af Berlingske Tidende. Treats of the expedition along the Northwest coast of Greenland in In Congr4s international des Americanistes. Compte-rendu de la 5 e session, Copenhague Buddingh, D. Ontdekking van Amerika, en herhaalde zeereizen derwaarts, in de X. Vore forfaedres opdagelsesreiser i polareg- nene.

In Kringsjaa. In Timarit hins fslenzka B6kmentaf61ags. Reykjavik J6n j6nsson of the preceding title. Bugge, Sophus. Norges Indskrifter med de yngre Runer. The Runic stone from Honen has now disappeared ; but copies of the inscription are extant ; Bugge reads it as follows : utuk. Reviews : Zeitschrift fur deutsche Philologie. The N. Nation, June 2, , p. Bull, Sara C. Leif Erikson. In Magazine of American History. Burgess, J. A glance into the Konungs Skuggsja. In Saga- Book of the Viking Club.

Cabinettet for Americanske Oldsager. Discovery of America by the Norsemen. In Massachusetts Quarterly Review.

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A short description of the Province of New Sweden. Now called, by the English, Pennsylvania, in America. Translated from the Swedish, with notes by Peter S. Du Ponceau.

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In Memoirs of the Historical Society of Pennsylvania. See pp. Cantwell, Edward. Pre-Columbian discoveries of America. In Magazine of Western History. Dissertatio philologico-historica, de navigationibus fortuitis in Americam, ante Chr. Columbum factis. Magdeburgi Channing, Edward and A. Guide to the study of American history.

Chapin, Alonzo Bowen. Ante-Columbian History of America. Dighton Rock. In The Ameri- can Biblical Repository. Karlsefne versus Columbus. In Scandinavia. Chevalier, Cyr Ulysse Joseph. Repertoire des sources historiques du moyen dge. Montb61iard See especially vol. Dissertationes litterariae varia hebdomade publicatae. Florentiae Disserationes V-VI. De Gronlandiae veteris et novae geographia. Clark, Alice L. Where are Vinland and Norumbega? In New England Magazine. Clark, Richard H. America discovered and christianized in the tenth and eleventh centuries. The first Christian Northmen in America.

Clausson Friis, Peder. Norriges oc omliggende Oers sandfaerdige Bescriffuelse indholdendis huis vaert er at vide, baade om Landsens oc Indbyggernis Leilighed oc Vilkor, saa vel i fordum Tid, som nu i vore Dage ; korteligen tilsammen fattit aff H. Peder Clausson. Kiobenhaffn Norriges og omliggende Oers sandfaerdige Beskrivelse, indholdendis huis vaerd er at vide baade om Landets og Indbyggernis Leylighed og Vilkor, korteligen tilsammen fattet, af Hr.

Peder Claussen. Samlede Skrifter. Udgivne af Gustav Storm. Om Gronland , pp. Clavus, Claudius. In Nord- albingische Studien. Neue Ausgabe.

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Kiel Bjornbo, A. Petersen: Fyenboen Claudius Clausson Swart. Storm , G. Clement, Edw. A poem in E. In The Penny Magazine. Cooley, William Desborough. The history of maritime and inland discovery. See : Discoveries of the Northmen.

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In Bolletino della Societd Geografica Italiana. Roma A paper with same title and presumably identical appeared in f Giornale della Societd di letture e conversazioni scientinche di Genova. The History of Greenland : containing a descrip- tion of the country and its inhabitants, and particularly a relation of the mission, carried on for above these thirty years by the Unitas Fratrum, at New Herrnhut and Lichtenfels, in that country.

Translated from the High- Dutch. Historia om Gronland, deruti Landet och dess Inbyggare etc. Lauridsen, pp. Cronau, Rudolf. Die Geschichte seiner Entdeckung von der altesten bis auf die neueste Zeit. Curtis, William Eleroy. Recent disclosures concerning pre- Columbian voyages to America in the Archives of the Vatican. Didrik Pining. Forntida segelsanvisningar for de nordiska farvatten.

Review: Petermanns Mitteilungen. Davis, Asahel. A lecture on the antiquities of Central- America, and on the discovery of New England by the Northmen, five hundred years before Columbus Discovery of New England by the Northmen. A lecture. Troy Fbr other editions see Sabin V. Deane, Charles. In Proceedings of the Massachusetts Historical Society. De Costa, Benjamin Franklin. The Pre-Columbian discovery of America by the Northmen, illustrated by translations from the Icelandic Sagas, edited with notes and a general introduction.

Reviews : The North- American Review. Diman; — The Nation N. Charlestown, Mass. The Northmen in Maine ; a critical examination of views expressed in connection with the subject, by Dr. To which are added criticisms on other portions of the work, and a chapter on the discovery of Massachusetts Bay. The Northmen in America. Read Dec. Columbus and the geographers of the North.

In The American Church Review. Hartford, Conn. The glacial man in America. In The Popular Science Monthly. Arctic exploration. In Journal of the American Geographical Society. De Roo, P. History of America before Columbus according to documents and approved authors. American aborigines. Volume II.

Words at War: Faith of Our Fighters: The Bid Was Four Hearts / The Rainbow / Can Do

European immigrants. Philadelphia and London The greater part of vol. Haynes; — Norsk Historisk Tidsskrift. Deuber, Franz Xavier Anselm. Colombo, und auch der Compass, das Mittel zu grossen Seereisen, vor Flavio Gioja entdeckt worden sey. Bamberg Dieserud, Juul. Norse discoveries in America. In Bulletin of the American Geographical Society. Diplomatarium Islandicum. Gefid tit af hinu islenzka B6kmentaf61agi. Kaupmannahofn and Reykjavik See especially : Vol. Pope Nicolaus III ; no. Saemundur Oddsson ; no. Bishop Matthseus of H61ar ; cf. See especially: vol.

Pope Nicolaus III. Pope John XXI. Pope Nicolaus V. Bishop Audfinnr ; no. Bishop Arne of Bergen ; no. Discovery of America by the Northmen. In The National Quarterly Review. Domenech, Emanuel. Seven years residence in the great deserts of North- America. In two volumes. Du Bois, B. Did the Norse discover America? The Viking Age : The early history, manners, and customs of the ancestors of the English-speaking nations.

Illustrated from the antiquities discovered in mounds, cairns and bogs as well as from the ancient Sagas and Eddas. Discovery of Greenland and America, II. Durrett, Reuben Thomas. Traditions of the earliest visits of foreigners to North America, the first formed and first in- habited of the continents. Eberlin, Peter. Notitser om Gronland. In Geografisk Tids- skrift. See : Ivar Baardsons Reno, pp. Egede, Christian Thestrup. Reisebeskrivelse til Oster-Gronlands Opdagelse, foretaget i Aarene og The letters are dated at Hafnarfjord, Iceland, and followed by a com- ment by the fathers of the two officers, Poul Egede and T.

Egede, Hans. See chap. I, pp. I-II, pp. Translated from the Danish. Description et histoire naturelle du Groenland par Mr. Eggede [sic]. Traduite en Fran? Copenhague et Geneve. See Chap. This is the first book to mention the ruins of the Norse settlements in Greenland, see e. Om Gronlands Osterbygds sande Beliggenhed. Also separately reprinted f Priisskrift om Gronlands Osterbygds sande Beliggenhed.

Med tvende Kaart.

Article excerpt

Kjobenhavn , and published in German t Ueber die wahre Lage des alien Ostgronland. Mit 2 Karten. Review : Kiobenhavns laerde Erterretninger for Aar Wormskjold, M. Elliott, Charles Wyllys. The New England history from the discovery of the continent by the Northmen, A. Elton, Charles. The career of Columbus. The first portion chap. Enander, Johan Alfred. Nordmannen i Amerika eller Amerikas upptackt.

Historisk afhandling med anledning af Columbi- festerna i Chicago. Rock Island, Le scoperte artiche. Venezia With an introduction by F. Norris and Jon Stefdnsson, and a rdsumd, in French, by E. Lon- don Reviews: Zeitschrift fur Ethnologie. XL VI. Horsford : Vinland and its ruins. Nogle Bemaerkninger angaa- ende Gronlands Osterbygde.

In Det skandinaviske Litteratur- selskabs Skrifter. Appended to the essay are : Bilag A. Zeniernes Reiser til Engroveland, pp. Lauridsen VIII. Etzel, Anton von. Gronland geographisch und statistisch be- scbrieben. Aus danischen Quellschriften. Stuttgart i See especially : Die Geschichte Gronlands, pp. Everett, Alexander Hill. Washington D. A review of Antiquitates Americanae q.

Everett, Edward. In The North- American Review. Everett, William. Fanoe, Gregers [Albert]. Den oldnordiske Bebyggelse af Arsukfjorden. Sommeren Saerskilt Aftryk af Aarboger for nord. Famum, Alexander. Providence Rhode Island Historical Tracts. Fay, Joseph Story.

The track of the Norsemen. Filson, John. The discovery, settlement and present state of Kentucke An account of the Indian nations inhabiting within the limits of the thirteen United States, their manners, customs, and reflections on their origin. Wilmington I believe this rare book is the first one printed in America, which mentions the voyages of the Northmen. First American poet, The [i. Porhallr vei 3 ima 3 r]. In The Atlantic Monthly. Fischer, Joseph. Die Entdeckungen der Normannen in Amerika. Unter besonderer Beriicksichtigung der kartographischen Darstellungen.

Freiburg im Breisgau The maps are by Donus Nicolaus Germanus 6 , from the years , and c. Gunther ; — Literarisches Centralblatt. Haebler ; — Historisches Jahrbuch. Baumgarten ; — Eimreidin. Biblio- graphic. Gallois ; — The Scottisn Geographical Magazine. The Discoveries of the Norsemen in America with special relation to their cartographical representation.

Translated from the German by Basil H. Contains a fuller bibliography than the German edition pp. Reviews: The Athenaenum. Stevenson ; — Saga-Book of the Viking Club. The tithes for the crusades in Greenland, A contribution to the ecclesiastical history of the Northmen in America. Die kartographische Darstellung der Normannen in Amerika.

In International Amerikanisten-Kongress. Tagung Stuttgart Stuttgart Fiske, John. The discovery of America with some account of Ancient America and the Spanish conquest. Boston and New York Pre-Columbian voyages, pp. Review : Blatter fur literarische Unterhaltung. Flatey Book The. See Anderson, R. Udgiven efter offentlig Foranstaltning.

Edited by Gudbr. Vigtasson and C. Folsom, George. In The New York Review. A translation of or an ex- tract from this article probably appeared in the Gazette de France, see Isnardi, F. Forst, Johannes. Geschichte der Entdeckung Gronlands von den altesten Zeiten bis zum Anfang des Worms a. Forster, Johann Reinhold. Geschichte der Entdeckungen und Schiffahrten im Norden. Frankfurt a. Oder For the Norse discovery of America, see pp. History of the voyages and discoveries made in the North. Translated from the German. Fowke, Gerard. Norse remains in the neighborhood of Boston Bay. In The American Naturalist.

Points of difference between Norse remains and Indian works most closely resembling them. Franklin, Benjamin. In his Works ed. Disputatio historico-geographica in qua quaeritur utrum veteres Americam noverint necne. Curiae Regnitianae See especially : Les Northmans, pp. Gagnon, Alphonse. Les Scandinaves en Amerique. Section I.

Gams, Pius Bonifacius. Series episcoporum ecclesiae catholicae, quotquot innotuerunt a Beato Petro apostolo. Ratisbonae Gebhardt, August. Entdeckungsfahrten der alten Norweger. In Beilage zur Allgemeine Zeitung. Geelmuyden, Hans. See Storm, G. Geete, R. Hvar lag Vinland det goda?

Adam von Bremen active 11th century

In Ymer, tidskr. Stock- holm Geffroy, Auguste. Histoire des 6 tats scandinaves Su6de, Norv6ge, Danemark. Gelcich, Eugen. Zur Geschichte der Entdeckung Amerikas durch die Skandinavier. In Zeitschrift der Gesellschaft fur Erdkunde zu Berlin. Giesecke, Charles Lewis. On the Norwegian settlements of the Eastern coast of Greenland, or Osterbygd, and their situation. Dublin A history of the character and achievements of the so-called Christopher Columbus. See : The Northmen in America, pp. Graah, Wilhelm August. Nogle Optegnelser om det gamle Gronland og om en nordlig Giennemfart.

In Nyt Aftenblad. Undersogelses-Reise til Ostkysten af Gronland. Efter Kongelig Befaling udfort i Aarene Translated from the Danish, by G. For the appendix on the East and West Bygds, see pp. Review : The London and Westminster Review. Extrait du journal du capitaine Graah. This extract was communicated to the Society by Prince.

Undersogelse af Kirkeruinen i Kakortok. Forelaest i det Kgl. In Nordisk Tids- skrift for Oldkyndighed. Ruins of an ancient Scandinavian church at Kakortok in Greenland. Gravier, Gabriel. Paris Rouen Review: The North- American Review. Compte-renau de la i e session. Grondal, Benedikt [Sveinbjamarson]. In Congr6s internationale des Am6ricanistes. Gronlands historiske Mindesmaerker, udgivne af det kongelige nordiske Oldskrift-Selskab. Contents : vol.

Adam Bremensis

Forerindring, pp. Samling og Undersogelse af gamle og nyere gfterretninger om disse i Naerheden af Gronlands Kyster beliggende Oer, som opdagedes sidst i det 9de eller forst i det iode Aarhundrede, samt om de saakaldte Krosseyjar Uddrag af Landndma etc. Af Kristni-Saga ; d.

Uddrag af Middelalderens islandske Annaler, vedkommende Gronlands Histone, pp. Uddrag af en gammel kortfattet Jordbeskrivelse AM. Uddrag af en anden udforligere Geographic fra Middelalderen AM. Gripla AM. Beskrivelse over Gronland, af et aeldgammelt Haandskrift ; 6. En gammel Fortegnelse over Kirkerne i Gronland Flateyjarb6k ; 8. Gronlands Beskrivelse ved Ivar Baardson; 9.

Udtog af Konungs skuggsj6 angaaende Gronlands Beliggenhed og physiske Maerkvaerdigheder m. Et Brudstykke af gamle historisk-geographiske Optegnelser AM. Adam af Bremen om Gronland ; Saxo Grammaticus om Gronland ; Ordericus Vitalis om Gronland ; Uddrag af Bjorn Einarsons Reisebeskrivelse — pp. Opdigtede eller forfalskede Efterretninger og Diplomer om Gronland, som kjendt under dette Navn i det 8de og 9de samt forst i det iode Aarhundrede ; 3.

Angaaende et faeroisk Kvad om Skjalden Thormods Gron- landsreise ; 5. Beretninger om den islandske Lov kaldet Jonsbogens Indforelse i Gronland henved ; 7. Norsk Beretning, henhorende til Feiden mellem de skandinaviske Gronlaendere og Skraellingerne eller Eskimoerne Olai Magni Historia de gentibus septentrionibus. Brodrene Zenos Reiser og Eventyr i Gronland, henved ; Den Gronlandske Colonies partielle Forstyrrelse af de tilgraendsende Hedninger, omtrent , og dens fra nogle Aar derefter til henved paabegyndte og til deels lvaerksatte Gjenreisning ; n. De norske Gronlandsfareres Udryddelse af tydske Handelsmaend eller Sofarere, ; Om de af Erkebiskop Erik Walkendorff henved.

Den saakaldte Jon Gronlsenders Beretning om formeentlige Levninger af Gronlands fra de islandske Colonister nedstammende Indbyggere, omtrent fra ; — pp. Saga af Bdrdi Snsefellsds ; 2. Saga af Gesti Bdrdarsyni 3. Orvar-Odds saga ; 6. Saga af Hdlfddni Eysteinssyni ; 8. Saga af Samsoni fagra ; 9.

Kr6ka-Refs saga ; Saga af porsteini Geirnefjuf6stra , pp. Bredsdorff, pp. Pingel, pp. En kortfattet Udsigt over de der hidtil forefun dne Mindesmserker om de gamle Islaendere og Nordmaend, af J. Worsaae, pp. Rafn, pp. Rafn ; a Danish prospectus signed by the same is dated March 15, Reviews: 0 f vols. Tidsskrift for Literatur og Kritik, udg. Bredsdorff ; — The Dublin Review. Gronlandske Folkesagn, opskrevne og meddeelte af Indfodte, med dansk Oversaettelse. Godthaab Translated from Greenlandic by R. Review : Antiquarisk Tidsskrift, Groot, Hugo de.

Petri Albini Nivemontii Commentatio de lingvis peregrinis atqve insvlis ignotis ex scripto many ipsivs exarato edidit M. Samvel Cnavthivs. Accedit Hvgonis Grotii De origine gentivm Americanarvm dissertatio. Vittem- bergae This essay was first published in Paris t Hugonis Grotii de origine gentium Americanarum dissertatio. Sabin VII. For a refutation of this essay see Laet, J. An answer to this was J. Cum indice ad utrumque libellum. Amstelodami On the origin of the native races of America, a disserta- tion. Added, a treatise on foreign languages and unknown islands, by Peter Albanus.

Edin- burgh Bibliotheca curiosa. Privately printed. Gunther, Siegmund. Das Zeitalter der Entdeckungen. Auf- lage. Aus Natur und Geisteswelt. Die Anfange der Geo- und Kartographie in Skandinavien. In Natur und Kultur. Haliburton, Robert Grant. Vinland the Good. In Proceedings of the Royal Geographical Society. The present article is an abridge- ment of Mr. Lost colonies of Northmen and Portuguese. Abridgement of the preceding title. Hart, Albert Bushnell, editor.

Norse discoveries of Greenland and Wineland the Good about By Hauk Erlendsson about Translated by A. Reeves, In American History told by contemporaries. Hatfield, Robert Griffith. The writer supports the theory about the Norse origin, and suggests that the structure be called the Vinland Baptistery. Author: H. Add to Cart. Have an Access Token? Enter your access token to activate and access content online. Please login and go to your personal user account to enter your access token. Have Institutional Access? Forgot your password?

PDF Preview. Table of Contents. Related Content. Editors: Matthew S. Gordon , Chase F. Robinson , Everett K. Rowson and Michael Fishbein. Gordon, Sidney H. Robinson, Everett K.

Schweden im 11. Jahrhundert - Studie zu Historia Hammaburgensis ecclesiae (German Edition) Schweden im 11. Jahrhundert - Studie zu Historia Hammaburgensis ecclesiae (German Edition)
Schweden im 11. Jahrhundert - Studie zu Historia Hammaburgensis ecclesiae (German Edition) Schweden im 11. Jahrhundert - Studie zu Historia Hammaburgensis ecclesiae (German Edition)
Schweden im 11. Jahrhundert - Studie zu Historia Hammaburgensis ecclesiae (German Edition) Schweden im 11. Jahrhundert - Studie zu Historia Hammaburgensis ecclesiae (German Edition)
Schweden im 11. Jahrhundert - Studie zu Historia Hammaburgensis ecclesiae (German Edition) Schweden im 11. Jahrhundert - Studie zu Historia Hammaburgensis ecclesiae (German Edition)
Schweden im 11. Jahrhundert - Studie zu Historia Hammaburgensis ecclesiae (German Edition) Schweden im 11. Jahrhundert - Studie zu Historia Hammaburgensis ecclesiae (German Edition)
Schweden im 11. Jahrhundert - Studie zu Historia Hammaburgensis ecclesiae (German Edition) Schweden im 11. Jahrhundert - Studie zu Historia Hammaburgensis ecclesiae (German Edition)
Schweden im 11. Jahrhundert - Studie zu Historia Hammaburgensis ecclesiae (German Edition) Schweden im 11. Jahrhundert - Studie zu Historia Hammaburgensis ecclesiae (German Edition)
Schweden im 11. Jahrhundert - Studie zu Historia Hammaburgensis ecclesiae (German Edition) Schweden im 11. Jahrhundert - Studie zu Historia Hammaburgensis ecclesiae (German Edition)

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