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Adel, Syria Heart can be broken once in lifetime,any way ,as a doctor , I believe that being hurt is like vaccine ,once you take it your life is much safer with more confidence with more maturity and finally ,with more caring and being tact. Abir Hadjeri, Algeria i guess lovesickness is a real desis. Said, NL i have been in love with manny grils in my life. Cinya Doon, China Yes,that's a big problem with no answer in our life. Love is powerful,Love is everything in our spirit world. Have you met your Mr. Fay, China Of course lovesickness is not a disease. On the country, i think proper lovesickness is a force of work or study.

As a person ,he or she must have something or somebody to persue. Only in that way can our life be colourful. Hoang, Viet Nam I tnink lovesickness is a true illness. Sometimes in my heart, I am very regretful, I didn't catch my love. She so much loved me but I never tried to near her.

Now she has married so one thing I can do is only miss her. Diamomd, Iraq real there is no love i believew all that is admiration moyfill time the one wanna to put him self in it is exhaustion for empty time no more and love sickness hust adesease for weak people no more love os blind and livers cn not see what they commit thank about all.

Red, UK It is a disease and far more self destructive if not checked. A person who suffers from should be given professional help and not be left alone to cope with it. QQ, China thank you for taking time to read my comments:i think i have been in this state for a long time,and i'm so worried that my husband who are working at a different city will leave me sooner or later,i can't trust him and even myself. Tuanviet, Vietnam After reading this article,it seems to be that i have been in this this state ,maybe one time. Howerver it was not serious as you think.

I still remember that at that time when i-maybe in love with her,but i dont show that feeling ,actually her image was always in my mind -i mean every time ,every think i see. I can't get her face out of my mind. I dont know how to say. But few days later i realized that that feeling was not strong enough to keep going.

Roland, New Zealand I think that people have taken it not in the right way. Because if you take love in the right way it can be very enjoyable. Even lovesickness can be enjoyable.

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Michael, New Zealand love sickness is not a good thing toward the society. People get serious illness Didier, Belgium I would say that lovesickness is a state of mind and not a disease. But apparently, after having read your article, it seems that professors say that it's a sickness In the end, sickness or state of mind First with family and friends but if that doesn't do the job, professional help should be taken into consideration. Thx for taking the time to read my comment ;. Tim, USA I think it is a very dangerous state of mind to be in. It does lead to unhappiness and frustration,especially when your love is not returned.

It could lead to insomia,and possible death. My advice is we should all try to get our heart healed as soon as possible. Geng Dong Yi, China I don't think lovesickness is a disease, we should regard it as a misfortune of life, which most people might meet. I also agree that it is a test of character of human being,those who are reasonable and mature should overcome this problem and should not be overwhelmed. Although i have some experiences about lovesick, i tried to pass myself.

I went out with my girlfriends, went to coffeeshop, did anything i like. I want to be more confident before the man i love. After a period of time, i feel rather better, i meet him again, everything is normal. Unfortunately,it seems that I am in lovesickness at present. The reasons for this say are as follows. A girl is very attractive for me,for her image always appears in my mind,even when I am prepareing for the entrance examination of master degree.

However,I dare not tell my feeling to her ,because I fear her refusal and I can't face up to that embarrassed situation. Therefore,liking her and keeping this secret to myself,I fall into unrequited love. On the other hand,If the girl I miss can accept my love ,I will regard me as the happiest person in the world. Of course,there is an unbelievably low probability that the latter can come. Zhao Dongzi, China Lovesickness is a important to the younger people ,I think.

Treating the love-sick patient.

It make them to feel no happy. Even across drinking ,muder itslse. It's a very thing. As a young man ,we should abilities to improved our the eleve of senior in our mind. In a word.

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Third , we can refer the dorctor. Hugo, Colombia Love hurts when is unrequited, but is highly motivating to feel deep love for other people or for humanity, we never get tired of this kind of love, on the contrary, It gives us more energy and a reason for living. The love that comes from a spiritual level will always be gratifying and will never become a disease.

I've been love sick for God and all his virtues. Josh, USA I do believe that "lovesickness" is a state of mind that can lead one to engage in self-destructive behavior. One needs to remember that all of us have been there and the difference comes from your outlook on life. Even though things may seem hopeless you have to think that "this too will pass" and there is always something better just around the corner. But you need to put yourself out there and continue living your life although you may feel miserable inside.

I have experienced it twice these past few years but it has made me stronger and given me a better understanding that my expectations were unrealistic by being interested in someone unattainable not interested or in another relationship and that this was tied to my own fear of commitment and relationships. Merche - Spain I do think that falling in love is really a sick. Who has never been in love? Who has never had hundreds of butterflies flying in his stomac? Sandesh Devkota, Kathmandu, Nepal Lovesickness is a serious disease.

I suffered with disease when I was twenty years old. I was in love with a girl , we both were very serious about the same but unfortunately my parents disagreed with the relationship. We had serious barriers. I used to think about here whole night without having any sleep. We spend many nights and days together crying.

But sadly, my girl friend got marriage and our relationship could not continue. It took many years to heal up the wound created by this. Even after the marriage we used to meet secrecttly. But it was not possible to continue the relationship. Therefore I think it is a serious problem so we need to learn how to cope the situation. Marco - Brazil Can we really call this sickness as love? I think that passion is more appropriate. Wow - Viet nam I used to like lots of people but when I met him, I have known what love is but it seems so late.

He had a wife-to-be and he always thinks that I am still a baby. I have never told him that I really love him 'coz I know that I can not do anything to keep him by my side. Forever, It's a one-way love and I am pleased with this. When I was tired or I had some problems in job or life, I thought of him and forgot all of sadness.

I still believe that at somewhere, although we do not meet each other but he always wish me to be successful and happy. These make me stronger. That's all. Best wishes to your love, your family and your job, my darling! I was once deeply hurt but time and friends hepled me overcome. I agree that being lovesick is very serious which can lead to depression or suicide attempt but to some extend it is just like our temperary state that can change if we do something. Mariana, Mexico Of course it is a sickness and could be so destructive in different levels. Many times I have asked myself why does it happen?

I have felt it and it is a nightmare. Some men have felt that dor me and they have had some sort of obsession it is not nice belive me. Now that I'm older I have self control and balance in my emotional life. I have known many people with this sickness and they suffer so much, they should go to a therapy, and solve their own existence. Alex - Brazil i've already been lovesick. Is there any psychological treatment which helps to make life a little more pleasant?

Thurein, Myanmar According to our religious teachings , love has different forms appear among family members , between opposite sex and love of saint. As long as we are all not able to attain the truth ,we ' ll surely be suffering in the circle of love and death. If he can control his mind and treat others with more consideration,he has good psychology, otherwise, according to health experts, lovesickness is a serious disease.

I have never been love sick, as I got the true love and married, very happy. Yes, anyone ever been in love with me but I did not return their love, as I cherish the love and respect others. Robert, Poland I think that every humen can truly iive only in love. The amizing state of being in love has been given to us by God and as true creatures of the strongest person we should do our best to follow our mission.

As for me, love means-giving good things to other person. But how true. I really apreciate people who can create such atmosphere in their relationship. There are many ups and downs in our life. We must study to face downs with smile. I have ever been lovesick. When I was suffering the lovesike,I thought there woulde not sunshine in my life.

I woulde be live in the dark. I forgot there also have many beautyful things els. I learning that the smile is sunshine in the house. I should forger it. Now i'm Ok. I believe my ture love will come. Tenzin, USA Love sickness will cause you extreme loneliness and creates bad habits such as excessive drinking and smoking, and dangerous psychological mood. It make you feel the most unworthy person in the world. People say that Cultural Revolution in China which killed over 10 million Chinese people were started by Jiang Qing, the wife of Mao Ze Dong when her love to the former was not returned.

Bushra, Islamabad True love is always first sight Love. This is what we say "compatible". When u love someone u r care free about all these things and u accept ur partner with bad and good things. True Love is name of giving and forgivind without any expectations. It is not neccessary that if u like somebody then u must live with him all life.

We should have optamistic approach about this, and i m sure u wont feel love sickness then. Only prove that u r the superior most creature of God. Peter, U. When I was 17 a young woman of my age fell in love with me. We never spoke. She followed me everwhere. I was too shy to reciprocate her attentions and I feel very guilty about it. Twenty years later with a wife and small children I moved from Massachusetts. One hour after the moving truck arrive she appeared out of nowhere looking desperate and pained. She looked at me from the other side of the street and then walked away.

I hope her life has gone well. Renate, Germany Have I ever been lovesick?? Of course, I have, who of us has not, that is the question. When I was lovesick, i was suffering like hell, but timer is a good healer and today I can laugh about my former problems. Yet i believe that lovesickness is a serious disease and poeple who haven't such a strong soul than I have are in real danger.

Maybe not of dying but of getting depressions. I don't know how to help them, the best thing for me was always sports and work it kept my mind and boddy busy. Elvira, Italy I have never gone through a lovesicknes, but once a friend of mine fell in love with me. I wasn't able to return his love and I was very sorry for him because he felt bad and I couldn't help him in any way. I think that the person who suffers of lovesickness must be in a very terrible state.

Elyor, Uzbekistan When did you first fall in love? Han Gye Soo. South Korea If you're not a celibate, It's very natural that one go through a lovesickness. So It's not a disease but a good experience because one can grow in stature by overcoming a series of lovesickness. In my boyhood Shakespear's Romeo and Juliet were praised as a good model among Korean intellectual youth.

By that time I also worshipped the Juliet but such an ideal love never came true to me. In my opinion if there is no love story in the world, Many artists may lose their job. In our country a novel, movie and a drama that deals with love affair make a great hit among the public.

In Korea there were many sad love stories in the past. A number of lovers attempted a joint suicide with artner. The main reason was due to their parents didn't accept the proposal. The following accident is a good example. Her husband was an object of social contempt and her sad story hit the headlines.

Nowdays time has been changed. Most Korean parents pay regard to their children's decision.

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It's very wonderful that one fall in love with someone but when you're disappointed in love never commit a suicide, Love is precious but life comes before everything else. Marcela, Brazil I think lovesickness is a real disease. I believe some people are more vulnerable than others, and it can have catastrophic consequences. I broke up a long relationship last year and my ex is still obsessed with the idea that we should be together.

I don't think he is weak; I think he needs a doctor. Sarah, Pakistan yeah now going through your topic u know what i am thinking, me too is also suffering from lovesickness. It was love at first sight. That guy chanded my life completely, but God really does have His own ways of doing things. He is now past but I am seariching him in all the people around me. Its been almost two years since his departure but whenever i start thinking about him i feel deep pain in my heart and my left hand. I am dis-orientated, sufferinf from insomia, cant memorized things properly i had a good momory before this , and less social.

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My profession suffered the most. I cant concentrate on my profession and studies. And sometimes seriously i feel that i need some pshyciatrist. Samaneh, Iran i belive that unrequited love is really suffering i have exprienced it somehow but not completely. Sara, Iran i think lovesickness can be very dangreous. Ranjan, Singapore Of course,everyone feels a real lovesickness once in their lifetime and that's natural too.

Huang Jie , China I dont agree to call that situation a"sickness". Life can be full of ups and downs,you cant expect to get everything you want from life. In a word,to live happily in the world you need not only love but the courage to accept the fact when you lose the love.

Life is a test of your character,which makes you stronger and wiser. Zhao Dongzi, China IN my view of lovesickness. It's bad thing. Then you maybe catch it. It lead to you psychology exhaust and insomnia. Even when somebody suicide. I wish young people are happy every day. Thank you. Kazu, Japan In some cases, the emotion of love become strong enough and it changes into a selfish fantasy. The people who can't separate from their fantasy, they can't accept the truth which tells "losing love" to them. Love is going to change hard feelings, and it can be the strong desire to harm someone.

In Japan, murder by "stalkers" are increasing. Christian, Romania This is a very subject. Love is an important thing, perhaps the most important. Falling in love is great, but you have to be strong. Loving someone who never returns his or her love… well, you are an unlucky guy. It is like loving a poster or a photo and you have a major problem. Probably you create your own world, but a false one….

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Nawal Thorat, India yes, I think lovesickness does exist and I have expierence when I was in my teens; things slowly change as you grow up; but still can disturb a person if he hasn't got any other preoccupations; love at times can give a person a real boost and can be a turning point in one's life. I remember when I was in college a girl loved me but I hardly paid any attention to her; I was interested in somebody else; Its almost 12 yrs and now I think that was my real love; but thats life and one has to just move on and on; one need not run for love; true love can happen at any point of time.

Phuc, Vietnam i love a woman. She is a widow. I am married. I love her loneliness'. Fernanda Barwick I think that when a person droped in love, it's a big danger, because this illness afected heart, mind and is imposible to control the compulsion. Thalatha, SriLanka my partner betrayed me. I couldn't receive his love and concern. But i rise up and achive my goals all by my self. Now i'm very please myself. Siavash, Iran dear mr or ms in my opinion when two peiple fall in love its better after that behave in a kind way and dont behave in a way that makes them mad of each other.

Elnara, Azerbaijan I suffered from lovesickness. It was auful I didn't want to suicide but I was depressed, enptied and my only wish was to be loved but not to be in love! I had been praying for GOD take back this ability from me for days and nights. Now I succeeded it. Something which I can't understand isn't existing in my life. Itru to put myself together but I'm still looking forward to something incredible which perhaps happens in my love. Now I try to find even in negative things some pozitive signs.

It helps me t be OK.

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  4. You know I heard from the dctor how to pull yourself from the stress and depression, just find another one who feels worse and get him a help. Perhaps it'll work. Qurban, Pakistan Well, i am lovesick but not in due to unrequited love I am sick due to our love As it is not considered good in the society and especially my uncle is not happy Bez he wants me to marry with his daughter Hong KOng I am now in lovesickness.

    My boyfriend is now on travelling.


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