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His practical instructions concerning divisions, sexuality, spiritual gifts, and worship a Now, in sight of the Promised Land, Moses knew they faced the risk of settling down and getting comfortable—only to wander and not follow.

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Nearing his death, Moses gives the Israelites a new path to faithful living: remember and reaffirm. Remember Go Through miraculous deliverance and covenant law, the Redeemer is revealed. Exodus contains one of the earliest sets of laws ever recorded, beginning to shape a more just society for ev This Navigator Bible guide contains studies on both books. Learn about faithfulness, right worship, and the need to patiently endure in the face of difficulty in Ezra. Nehemiah continues the story with an inspiring account of returning to faithfulness and doing God's work no matter what.

5 Bible Verses That Will Change Your Life if You Believe Them - Bible Study

Unwavering FocusShortly before his execution, the Apostle Paul wrote a letter from a Roman prison to encourage his beloved disciple Timothy. Timothy pastored the church at Ephesus that Paul had planted, and now the church faced persecution from pagans, internal strife among believers, and counterfeit teachers who were warping the gospel.

Paul ur Start from the BeginningThe book of Genesis is all about beginnings. God creates the heavens, the earth, plants and animals, men and women.

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When rebellion breaks out, God begins the task of mending His relationship with humanity and all creation. The stories that unfold in this extraordinary book grapple with some of our deepest questions: Who a To have a lifelong goal of becoming like Christ involves change, and change isn't always easy.

But the more a person knows of God's purposes for him or her, the more that person can experience God's joy and participate in His plan.

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The LifeChange studies on books of the Bible promise a life-changing encounter with God's Word that can help you gr While painting a vivid picture of human loneliness and suffering, these Old Testament books also reveal the beautiful hope found only in God. This twelve-lesson Bible study begins with a thorough examination of Jeremiah, one of the most au God Begins Something NewIsrael wants a king. They want to be a kingdom. The books of Leviticus and Numbers are not easy to study.

For one thing, no book of the Old Testament presents a greater challenge to the modern reader than Leviticus, which requires imagination to picture the ceremonies that form the bulk of the book.

  1. During the Meeting.
  2. Sissy and Slut Training.
  3. The Biggest Female in the World and other stories;
  4. But, it is important to understand the rituals in Leviticus because, first, they enshrine and The books of 1 and 2 Kings are at the initial wrap-up and climax of the great overarching history of a world created by God and of a particular people in it who were handpicked by Him. This Navigator Bible study follows the chronological events of Israel's eventual downfall while teaching valuable lessons about God's will and character. The worst possible calamities have befallen Job: financial ruin, his children's death, an agonizing disease.

    And a disaster worse than these: The God who was once his friend is now silent and the apparent cause of his sufferings.

    Punjabi Bible Study - Message of the cross (Part-2) Life changing Studies by Evg. Victor M. Sidhu

    What is God doing? Maybe you've felt the nudge to start a small group. Are you intimidated by what it might take to lead a group study? Leading Life Changing Bible Study will equip you with the tools you need to make this a reality. Search form Search. Leading Life Changing Bible Study. Spiritual and Biblical Preparation for Leaders of Small Group Bible Study Leading Life Changing Bible Study is designed to refresh, encourage, inspire and equip those who currently lead small group Bible study or those who hope to in the future.

    Challenging leaders to create a plan for greater spiritual growth. Log In Pricing. Store Subtotal:. Training Tools Browse by: Topic Type.

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    Work with the Holy Spirit to help your group members become more like Christ. Note: To see a sample from this resource, check out This Is Why They Call You a "Leader" There are many small-group leaders who approach the Bible-study portion of their group gatherings with something that is awfully close to dread. Keywords: Leadership ; Leadership requirements ; Life-change ; Spiritual formation ; Spiritual growth ; Transformation. Category: Lead Your Group.

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    LifeChanging Bible Study LifeChanging Bible Study
    LifeChanging Bible Study LifeChanging Bible Study
    LifeChanging Bible Study LifeChanging Bible Study
    LifeChanging Bible Study LifeChanging Bible Study
    LifeChanging Bible Study LifeChanging Bible Study
    LifeChanging Bible Study LifeChanging Bible Study
    LifeChanging Bible Study LifeChanging Bible Study
    LifeChanging Bible Study LifeChanging Bible Study
    LifeChanging Bible Study LifeChanging Bible Study

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